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Types of Roofing Contractors

In general there are four main types of roofing contract which consist of:

  • Domestic - these will deal with household services
  • Commercial or industrial - will deal with larger scale projects
  • Trained solar installers - specialise in the installation of solar panels on roofs
  • Heritage registered roofers - specialise in dealing with complex projects such as thatching

Considerations Before Hiring a Tradesperson

Below are some of the things that you should ask your contractor before commissioning him or her to undertake any work on your behalf:

Name and address - If the contractor uses a PO box, then don't be afraid to ask for an actual physical location. If the roofing company is reluctant to disclose this information then alarm bells should start ringing, in fact you really should look for a different company altogether.

Subcontractors - Does the roofer use subcontractors to carry out the work that they undertake? If they do then you should be asking these questions to the subcontractor as well.

References - It's worth carrying out a bit of background research into the company, do some Google searches with "review" or "reviews" after the company's name to see if anyone has posted anything online. If there is nothing online then, directly ask the roofer whether they are able to provide any past reference of work that they have already completed.

Warranty - Having roofing work carried out is extremely expensive and therefore it is very important to cover your back should anything go wrong. Ask how long the work is guaranteed for, in most cases it will be a year, and the roofer will guarantee the work and the supplier will guarantee the materials used. These are 2 separate warranties so it's important to ask exactly what is covered under each.

Insurance - Your contractor should have worker' compensation and liability insurance to protect you in the event of an accident on the job. 

Types of Roof

As I am sure you will have noticed on properties in your local area or when you have travelled abroad there is a huge range of different types of roof that can be used on a building. TypesHere are some of the options available to you:

  • Gable
  • Gable and dormer
  • Gable and valley
  • Gable with shed roof
  • Hip
  • Hip and valley
  • Low slope (flat)
  • Shed or lean-to
  • Gambrel
  • Mansard
  • Dutch hip
  • Double gable

For more information on these different types perform a Google search for "types of roof".

Check out the NFRC

The National Federation of Roofing Contractors or NFRC for short is the largest trade association in the UK industry with a share of approximately 70% of the market. They were formed in 1892 NFRC and have vast experience in with all types of projects. They provide a huge knowledge base of information about the trade, well worth checking out -

If you're looking for more general building contractors then check out our sister website

DIY Home Roofing

For any of you that are feeling a bit more adventurous then check out this video on how to complete a do it yourself roofing job on your own property.

There are many kinds of services that roofers carry out in your local area, these include: Roofing Repairs • Flat Roofing • Leadworks • Chimneys Roofing repairs • Flat • Leadworks • Chimneys • Moss removal • Dormer or roof windows • Pitched  • Fibre Glass • Polycarbonate • Rubber • Felt • Liquid Plastic • Sealoflex • Chimney Cowlings • Thatcher • Hot Melt • Green Roofing